Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Sync Outook 2007 Calendar Meeting Requests with Google Calendar?

Using Google Calendar Sync, Google Calendar can be synchronized with Outlook 2003 and 2007 Calendar (see the compatibility issues).

Generally, it works fine but annoyingly Outlook's 2007 Meeting Request entries can not be transfered to the Google Calendar... (It is important for me because I would like to look at my calendar entries on my Android based HTC on the move.)

I searched for a solution on the Internet, but I only found solutions that didn't work in my situation. But finally, I used the old greek 'try-and-error' principle and found a working solution to this problem in WinXP SP3 + Office 2007 context:
  1. Download and install Google Calendar Sync
  2. In the configuration screen (where you can set your Google account and the Sync option - later it can be also run from the Taskbar using the Google Calendar Sync icon) you should set your original Google email address (that was created first when you created your Google account,
  3. In the Calendars tab in the Google Calendar Settings you should add your email address that is used in MS Outlook 2007 using the Shared: Edit settings link.
... and it works fine and I am happy because now I know where and when I should arrive...